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4 Secrets To Attracting And Manifesting Your Desires Quickly

  Secret #1 The secret lies in how YOU perceive and influence “your reality” whether through conscious effort or unconsciously. Here’s what I mean… The law of attraction can be explained by science, specifically, quantum physics. Watch the brief video below before reading further. As you can tell from the video, the particles behaved differently when observed. This means the observers consciousness influenced how the particles behaved. What this translates to as far as manifesting abundance is that YOU can mold and shape your own reality by […]

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Myths of Attraction

When studying the laws of attraction it is essential that we take a moment to lay to rest a number of the myths which have invaded our reality over the past several decades. In an effort to make a profit a number of retailers have developed their own ideas about precisely what leads a person to be attracted to another, a number of which are so untrue as to be ludicrous but have enough of a following to cause a great deal of discouragement to the general […]

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